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January 17, 2012
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SLC Profile Story Wolf by xXStoryWolfXx SLC Profile Story Wolf by xXStoryWolfXx
Name: Story Wolf

Species: Wolf

Type: Wild Mobian

Age: 15

Fur Color: White/with Black tips. Black wolf mark on tail.

Eye Color: Gold

-Psychic Ability: Manifesting Thought.
-Martial Arts
-Quick Reflexes
-Heightened Senses

-Trust issues with strangers
-Easily startled (Wild trait)
-Tires when using elaborate skills (Like Spirit Wolf Form)
-Can't heal others or self
-Can fall prey to her wild nature (Fury State, Dread Stare)

Team: Rogue (Former)
Genesis: Free Company (Officer/Rank D)

Alliances: Genesis: New Company
Genesis: Wild Company
Mobian Freedom Fighters: First Company
Cat Country Freedom Fighters: Shad Company


Despite her wild like traits, Story is actually very kind at heart. After going through a rough life, she has become guarded and more serious than the young wolf pup she used to be. Sometimes though, after she has loosened up and trusts you, you’ll see that fun loving side of her that comes out. She maintains a tough persona, but when it comes to kids, it’s like she’s a completely different Mobian, even sometimes creating “puppet shows” or bringing a story to life with her psychic abilities. Small stuff like that doesn’t exhaust her. Due to spending time on her own, she is an expert at survival and has become extremely resourceful. She is loyal and protective of those that she trusts and will risk her life to defend the members of her “pack” (in this case, her teammates). First impressions are always important with her. Make the wrong first impression and it may take a long time before she will actually open up and trust you. Just give her some time and she’ll come around. She still needs to see that there is more to life than just surviving every day.

Home World: SLC


Like so many Mobians during the start of the Exus War, Story’s village was devastated by a raid. Because of her tribe’s unique ability to manifest thought, the young wolf, as well as many of the survivors, were taken captive by the Exus Army.

But the Wolves of the Mystic Mountain Region were naturally resilient, and all of them tried to fight their way out of the robots clutches. Many managed to escape, but were all separated in the transportation to different locations. Story never found her parents, but managed to find her brother Pewter, as well as few other stragglers that were taken. Driven by their bond and loyalty, the small wolf pack made every attempt to find the rest of their kin. But the Exus Army were insistent in taking all of the wolves in the region for their sinister, but still unknown purposes.

During an attempt to free some Mobians from an Exus Carrier Colossus, Pewter was fatally wounded. He still managed to protect his little sister, but sadly died soon afterward. That day still haunts Story to this day.

Finding herself in a small group of strangers, the pre-teen wolf became apprehensive in trusting them, even getting into arguments on missions. Her wild side was becoming more dominant, allowing her hatred toward the robots that destroyed everything she held dear to manifest. But quickly realizing her anger was creating too many close calls with her powers, she knew she had to learn how to control her abilities and put her anger and fury aside. With so many close calls with recent attempts in stopping the Exus advancements, Story had one last argument with the self appointed leader of the group, telling him that the plan he was about to put into action was a suicide mission for everyone involved. But the leader was more geared toward revenge than the wellbeing of his group. That was the last straw for the teenage wolf. Out of both frustration and for the safety of the innocent Mobians around her, Story left the group. She didn’t see there was reason to stay or a reason to continue, everything she cared about was gone…there was nothing left.

The wolf managed to survive on her own for a whole year, dodging Exus troops and camping in different locations. Then one day, she found herself in some real trouble. An Elite standard Exus Beast found her and attacked her. She managed to use her abilities to defend herself and escape into a seemingly abandoned base, but was severely injured. Weakened from pushing her psychic powers to their limit, Story collapsed on the ground. Little did she know that the base she accidentally stumbled into was the Genesis Freedom Fighters’ base.

Hearing something crashing through one of the bases’ skylights, two Mobian hedgehogs found the wolf barely clinging to life on the metal floor. Before her vision faded to black, the she softly whispered.

"Please...kill me...or take me in..."

-Father: (Assumed Dead)
-Mother: (Assumed Dead)
-Older Brother: Pewter Wolf (Deceased)
-Younger Sister: (Assumed Dead)


Genesis: Free Company

NPC (Non-Playable Characters)

-Dark Hedgehog: One of the hedgehogs that saved my life. He kind of reminds me of my brother, Pewter. He doesn’t talk very much though. I guess he’s like me in that retrospect. I look to him as well as Sonica as the leader of my new pack.

-Sonica Hedgehog: Nikki was also there to help me when I crashed into their base. She’s actually nice and friendly and I have to say her determination and spirit is contagious. I can’t help but feel like a kid again when I’m around her. Actually, I think I could get used to it. It’s kind of nice forgetting I’m a warrior once in a while.

-Zephyr Sparrow Hawk: How do I put this without sounding like a jerk? He annoys me…a lot. If there’s one thing I can’t stand is a guy that thinks he’s a bad ass all the time. However, Nikki trusts him and if she trusts that “feather brain”, I guess I can put up with him. I’ll just have to tune him out when he gets into those, “I’m always right” moods.

-Crash Meerkat: He’s…okay…but, is he always that chipper? It kind of freaks me out, not gonna lie. But all in all, he’s a good kid.

-Gale Glider: Poor girl, I think I scared her O_o She’s so shy. Awe well, she’ll come around…maybe…I’m not that scary, am I? I should try and read her a story later, Zeph says she might like that.

-Jodi Ferret: She’s nice. Surprisingly, we actually get along pretty well. I just instantly have the feeling that I can trust her. Plus, she did help me when I was recovering. She seems sad though…I wonder why? I should ask her sometime.

-Gyro Lynx: He’s cool, for a Nanitan. That fact still sends a shiver down my fur, but Nikki seems to have close bond with him. If she’s okay with him, then I can give him a chance and at least try. He’s been a little standoffish though, don’t know what’s going on there. I’m sure it’s nothing. Now I just have to figure out how to control my instincts each time he walks by…should be fun.

RP (Role-Playing Characters)

-Eli Hedgehog: …O_O…Chaos, I’m so embarrassed. I was using my abilities to put a puppet show on for Trinity and the door was wide open. (face palm) Great, I hope he doesn’t think I’m some kind of fruit cake or something.

Genesis: New Company

NPC (Non-Playable Characters)

-Lara-Su Echidna: I’ve only met her briefly in passing. Her Company isn’t at the Genesis base very often. She seems nice and a diligent leader of her team.

-Argul Crocodile: Haven't met him yet.

-Spectra Chameleon: Haven’t carried an actual conversation with the ninja honestly. We both don’t talk very much, so our conversations are usually pretty short. However, I am assigned to her for stealth training…I wonder how that’s gonna turn out? O_o

-Jade Oce-Bat: Haven't met her yet.

-Lucky Bee: That bee nearly gave me a heart attack. Hasn’t he ever heard of looking before flying around a corner? Geez. He’s definitely not shy at all and he’s louder than I’m used to. I honestly don’t know how New Company can handle the little “fire bug”.
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Speciesunkn0wn Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2012
She pretty. *makes weird facial expression* "Darkie! get away from her or you're dead!"
Darkie(he's called that because he doesn't deserve a name): you can't because you'll die too!
"Does it look like i care?" 'man, i need to up the security in there...' * proceeds to beat dark side up and stuff him back where he belongs*
i still stand by what i said before!
xXStoryWolfXx Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2012  Student Digital Artist
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Sorry that took so long, I had a meeting with my computer class online :D
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